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Paying Attention

For how long do we pay attention?

Nikki Sixx went to a Twitter war against Steel Panther and everyone had a laugh for a day or two. Then nothing.

Motley Crue then blew up their “ceasing touring agreement” and everyone had a laugh again for a day or two. And now nothing.

James Hetfield went into rehab and Metallica cancelled their Australian shows. Everyone said get well James and Metallica said nothing.

Paul Stanley got sick and Kiss cancelled their Australian shows. Everyone said it’s due to lack of sales because they always could have rescheduled.

Ozzy drops two tracks in two weeks and the usual press outlets are all over it for a week, due to marketing placements. Time will tell how far into the public conversation these tracks will go.

In Australia, a third of the country is burning due to bushfires and our politicians are sending prayers, while people die and their homes are destroyed.

Global Warming and Climate Change is still a myth to the democratically elected politicians, who instead of working for the people, work for the corporations who sponsor them.

Banks are not passing on interest rates cuts.

More Surveillance bills in facial recognition, are introduced by governments, in the name of safety, to turn democracies into dictatorships.

And somehow, we are all responsible for making other organisations lose money.

We have water restrictions in place in certain states of Australia, so we are using less water. Well, this is a problem, because the water supplier charges us, based on water used. So if we are using less water, our bills are lower which means less money to the water supplier. This can’t happen, so let’s increase the rate per kilolitre so the bills stay the same.

We all have so much going on, we usually browse and move on, maybe to read a book or to watch/play sport or to do something outdoors or to catch up with friends and family or to go on a holiday or to just play with our devices.  

It’s a different world out there.


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