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Rock ‘N’ Roll

Who would have thought that three simple words (with the “and” abbreviated to an ‘N’) and formed in the swamps of the Delta, by the black blues root musicians to ask a lady if she wanted to rock and roll with them in the sack, would become appropriated by the white musicians and used in millions of song titles.

Y&T believed “In The Name Of Rock ’N’ Roll”. Twisted Sister believed in rock and roll and kept preaching to the masses how authorities can’t stop rock and roll if people wanted to rock. Bon Jovi just let it rock and even had an album title about the temperature needed to melt rock. Motley Crue raised their hands to rock while they lived on the wild side.

Europe rocked the night with a sauce bottle before they blasted off to Venus. Def Leppard got creative and made the term “Rock It” into “Rocket” while the rock of ages momentum from a few years before kept rolling.

Queen said they would rock us and Kiss wanted to rock and roll all night. Bon Scott told every wannabe musician it’s a long way to the top if you wanted to rock and roll.

Scorpions wanted to rock ya like a hurricane would, and AC/DC wanted to salute it while Joan Jett loved to rock and roll.

Neil Young was rocking in the free world, while Elvis Presley was rocking in the jailhouse and Bill Haley rocked around the clock.

But if we wanted to find our favourite artists music with “Rock” in their song titles, we had to go to the heavy metal section of the record shop. It was all one of the same, once upon a time.

Rock music (and how it also carried a metal classification), was the very unpopular movement that was poisoning the minds of the youth. The PMRC, a stupid mothers group, backed by religious institutions, wanted to ban the sale of this music. But as the record labels got rich from it and other people started to make money from it, the politicians also started making money from it via donations and lobby efforts.

Isn’t it funny how billions in revenue from sales of rock and metal music can change a viewpoint?

But the devil was still loose in the house and in society and for religious leaders to remain relevant, they needed a devil, a bad evil enemy to preach against and there was no easier target than rock/metal bands, with their immoral lyrics and sadist practices.

But history tells us that metal and hard rock bands questioned religion and the “fad” didn’t die as most predicted, The message only got louder.

Those albums from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath labelled as noise back in the day, are even more popular today.


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