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Michael Sweet is one of the hardest working musicians these days. The arena days of the 80’s are long gone, but if creating music was all about playing arenas, then Sweet would have packed it in a long time ago. From his work ethic, the need to create is more important than anything else.

And each album has a track which makes me pay attention.

“Shine” is the one on his newest solo album “Ten”.

The riffage, the chorus vocal melody and the music under the Chorus, are all very similar to the songs he writes for Stryper. In other words, Michael Sweet is Stryper and Stryper is Michael Sweet.

Times are tough
The waves get rough
And it’s hard to see the land

Man, times are tough, especially if we let our small lizard brain control everything. You need to remember, the human body is designed to fight or flight.

In other words, it’s designed to survive. It’s been that way from the sabre tooth days and it’s still wired that way, even when you lay down in the comfort of your bed. So when those times are tough and your mind is telling you to give up, remember that you are designed to survive.

You’ve seen it all
And taken falls
And you’ve stood the test of time
You’re a conqueror, a warrior
And your spirit is sublime

Living makes you experience failure and success.

How you deal with setbacks and success, is how you survive.

Hey – there’s only one of you
Hey – don’t let life run you through
Hey – you’re one of a kind
You don’t have to hide
All you have to do is shine

Damn right, you only have one life, so don’t throw it away focusing on past wrongs or allowing toxic people sap your energy and light.

And the Guitar solo by gunslinger Ethan Brosh, is worthy of attention. But will anyone care in our noisy society.

And straight after “Shine” comes “Let It Be Love”, a stellar ballad with one of Sweet’s best vocal performances, which goes into “Never Alone” and “When Love Is Hated” (with its “Immigrant Song” from Led Zeppelin groove merged with the “Lady Of The Lake” from Rainbow groove), basically the four best songs on the album, back to back.


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