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It’s A New World

Remember when album leaks used to be a thing.

You know the story, in the lead up to the release of any widely sought after album there was always one certainty. The album would leak ahead of its official release date.

And suddenly, the recording industry woke up to what Napster already told them in 1999. Release everything on the same day around the world and album leaks stopped.

But it took the recording industry so long to realise that, people moved away from music and onto streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and what not.

Suddenly, people lost interest in music leaks as TV shows and Movies became more interesting. Remember when four episodes of Game Of Thrones leaked early. Or when movies hadn’t even hit the cinemas and The Pirate Bay had torrents up.

We live in a world that is all about the NOW.

Music quickly comes and it quickly goes.

Look at all the Top 10 Lists or Charts for each week and you will see that it is a different list each week. There is just so much new music coming out at the moment and people are just churning it up and spitting out the bone.

Anyone talking about Tool anymore.

13 years for the album to drop, for just a few weeks in the public conversation.

It’s a brave new world if you want to play.

Release frequently and do it all over the world on the same day.


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