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People get too touchy if someone posts or mentions how they don’t like an artists work. It doesn’t mean they don’t like the artist, it just means that the new album/song/book/movie is not to their liking.

They miss the point that if someone cares enough to dislike an album, they still put in time to listen to it, debate it and to put their view point out there.

I’m not a fan of Dream Theater’s last four albums and I don’t really play em, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting the super deluxe editions and adding them to my collection. I’m still a fan.

But in our connected world, as soon as someone has an opinion on a band’s latest work which might be critical, well they better arm up and get ready for an internet fight.

In the end, one critical review is just one persons reaction.


One thought on “Critical Review

  1. Social Media can be scathing at times. Even bands when they put out videos of new tunes before the album drops I won’t watch as I don’t want a video to say my thinking especially if the video is goofy.
    Even when I preorder off of iTunes and they drop tracks I tend to not listen to them as I want to hear the full album as a whole.
    This goes right back to your post the other day Pete about kids picking songs, not albums.
    I am old school and so are You! haha
    I think we’re good being that way!

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