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The Record Vault – Brides Of Destruction

Getting information about hard rock acts was becoming tougher and tougher at the start of the 2000’s in Australia. Sure Metal Edge kept the flag flying, but for mags to sell they had to still accommodate the popular bands and the internet news reels felt primitive.

Since Motley Crue was dormant, I was really keen to hear what any of the guys would come up with.

Tommy Lee had already dropped a Methods Of Mayhem album, a sex tape which sold more than the whole Motley catalogue and a solo album called “Never A Dull Moment”.

Nikki Sixx at this stage was still a relative unknown outside of the Motley Crue world and Brides Of Destruction would be the start of getting him front and centre into the minds of music consumers. Plus he was starting to write songs for other artists via his partnership with James Michael, which would become very productive when Sixx A.M happened.

So BoD was formed in 2002 by Nikki Sixx and Traci Guns and the only deal they could get was for a Japanese release via Universal.

Nikki Sixx was paying Traci Guns $2000 a month and Sixx’s manager was paying for the rehearsal space. This period was the last few years of the record labels controlling the distribution by placing a person as the culture decider. And this gatekeeper decided that these two major label dudes from the 80s will not get worldwide distribution in 2002.

Finally, Sanctuary Records came on board for a worldwide release but then they just kept on pushing back the release date until March, 2004.

John Corabi was in as a co-guitarist and appears on the album but was out of the band because of a falling out with Guns. And the shit that Sixx has said afterwards about Corabi, then why did he decide to work with him again.

I was hooked as soon as the riff started for “Shut The Fuck Up”, dripping in punk attitude.

“I’m so sick of you, Shut the fuck up”

If you say something like this today, get ready to be ostracized and crucified by the moral police on social media and the internet. And if you say it, well expect to have it said back to you as well.

“Life” has some great lyrics. This one is my favorite;

“Don’t let the negative steal the blue from the sky”

What a great lyric.

Our memories are all that we have. What we remember are the stories we have told, and even then those stories change over the years.

If we don’t tell these stories, then the memory will fade.

Choosing what memory we tell is a way of choosing who we will become. Focus on the negative memories and the downward spiral begins. Focus on the positives and a different path begins. We need a balance.

Don’t forget the hurt but remember and talk about the joy.

“I Don’t Care” is full of attitude. “I Got A Gun” is a favourite. “Only Get So Far” is one of those ballads that has this 70’s vibe which I dig.

“2xDead” and “Brace Yourself” rock out of the gate with their sleazy grooves that remind me of Motley Crue. While “Natural Born Killer” sounds like it came from the 80s and its “Slice Of Your Pie” ending which was influenced by The Beatles, “She’s So Heavy”.

To me, the album sounded like an extension of the songs that Nikki Sixx wrote for the Motley Crue “Greatest Hits” album.

And the second album came out in 2005 and I don’t really remember nothing much about it except that Nikki Sixx wasnt the bassist as he had already left to reboot Motley, but there are songs on the album co-written by him.

That picture above is from the second album that Sixx didn’t play on, but hey, let’s make a band member look like Sixx in the cartoon drawing.

Rumors said the Sixx and Gun’s had a falling out because Guns continued with the band while Sixx wanted it to be on hiatus.

Fast forward to 2017 and Twitter started to fill in some gaps. Read the article over at Metal Sludge.


5 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Brides Of Destruction

  1. Never got into these guys as these kinda bands implode with ego and won’t last. I got fooled by that Contraband supergroup from 91 and said I would never fall for this kinda thing again! LOL

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