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Invest In I

We are all looking for a life which is not rooted in mediocrity. And we want this life to fall into our laps. Well I did expect that to happen, because hey, why shouldn’t it.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realised that constant learning is the key. And as soon as I started evolving and increasing my skillset, I got distracted by this little thing called social media, which to me is the enemy of learning.

I was a MySpace and Facebook user in the early days. I shut down my Facebook account in November 2010 and haven’t been back since. I felt like I was wasting so much time on these sites that I wasn’t doing anything creative.

And it’s easy to get lost because entertainment is so important in our lives and with streaming and social media so relevant in our lives, it seems like we are putting entertainment in front of our goals and dreams.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how much money have you spent on phones/phone bills, TV’s, tablets, computers and streaming accounts?

Then compare that to the money you have spent on your self-education. If you see a massive miss-match, it means you are pretty distracted as well, especially if your time is spent using those tools to watch content instead of creating content.

Because we can get anything we want these days. The history of music is at our fingertips, either by licensed services or unlicensed sites. Same deal with movies and literature. And we double down into what we know. We listen to music we have already listened to. Or we just press shuffle.

We don’t want to waste time on something that won’t satisfy us but we waste a lot of time on our devices. Get a read out on your usage from the phone settings apps.

And we got lost in this world, forgetting that we need to self-improve.


3 thoughts on “Invest In I

  1. I use Facebook for a lot of music sites etc. Plus some of the blogsters are on it as well which is cool as we have some good music conversations at times!
    My friend count is at 130 or so. Some people have 500 plus which is ridiculous to me. There deal not mine haha.
    If anyone goes political with any jargon I just keep em as friends but unfollow their posts as if u unfriend someone people get hurt over social media haha..

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