Music, My Stories

Things Disappear

Artists come and go and bands break up. Historical buildings like the Notre Dame go up in flames overnight and once bustling cities become ghost towns.

Heavy Metal music went from rebellion to mainstream to classic metal. Dial up internet became obsolete and who even remembers analog mobile phones. Meanwhile the labels are trying to peddle the comeback of vinyl, hell, they might as well peddle the comeback of the days when we had three channels to watch TV and the most popular magazine in the house was the TV guide.

As humans, we plan for the future and yet, when the future arrives, it still surprises us. The kids starting kindergarten today, will be working jobs not yet created, on technologies not yet created.

Did we even think in the 80’s and even before Napster, that we would have the history of music and movies at our fingertips, ready to be called up when we feel like it.

And we can all make an impact. Those stories we share and the work we do define us. Start creating memories because even we disappear.


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