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Happy and Sad

“Humans are not designed to be happy, or even content. Instead, we are designed primarily to survive and reproduce, like every other creature in the natural world. A state of contentment is discouraged by nature because it would lower our guard against possible threats to our survival.”

The quote above is from an article I read in The Conversation.

Humans, by natures creation, are designed to survive and the fact that they are alive, should make them happy. But it doesn’t. And there is a billion dollar industry preaching self-help guides to happiness and what not.

As the article states, “even when all our material and biological needs are satisfied, a state of sustained happiness will still remain a theoretical and elusive goal”.

Advertisers have done a great job telling the public that their lives are crap and if they got the product they are advertising, it would make their life so much better and they will be happy.

Remember computers were meant to create the paperless office. Advertisers marketed that to companies. I work in an office and papers are still here.

Maybe our natural design to not be happy is a big reason why minor key music is so popular, as the minor key is known as the “unhappy” key and metal/hard rock music is awash with songs in minor keys.

If you even go back to the masters like Beethoven, Bach, Paganini and Mozart, their most popular works are concertos in a minor key.

There is a YouTube video of a guitarist playing metal songs in a major key instead of the minor keys they’re normally in. Check it out and hear the difference between major and minor. Slayer actually sounds cool in a major key, but it’s not the same impact.

My life overturned, unfair the despair
All these scars keep ripping open

Mudvayne’s “Happy” was anything except happy. Referencing a relationship breakdown, the song is saying, I gave up a lot of who I was to you, it put me in a dark place doing so and you were never happy.  

Peel me, from the skin
Tear me, from the rind
Does it make you happy now?
Tear me, from the bone
Tear me, from myself
Are you feeling happy now?

How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to make someone else happy?

We do this in a friend relationship, a love relationship, a work/professional relationship.

Love yourself first, be who you are and it will fall into place.

“If you are unhappy at times, this is not a shortcoming that demands urgent repair, as the happiness gurus would have it. Far from it. This fluctuation is, in fact, what makes you human.”

So what we can do about it, because no one really wants to live in a state of unhappiness?

As doctors and psychiatrists are very keen to prescribe pills because it’s too hard to analyse that a persons current state of mind and feelings could be due to other reasons.

Remember advertisers from day dot, have made it their task to make us all feel like we are missing something or we have problems, and they offer something as a solution to our problems.

And these days, advertisers are not just marketing companies, it is your best friends on social media, making you feel inadequate as they post away their glorious lives.

Love yourself, love your family and friends and follow your interests, instead of caring how your other friends (otherwise known as undercover haters) see you. Don’t let their words affect you because there viewpoints don’t matter not one little bit.


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