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The Record Vault – Audrey Horne

Their 2010 self–titled album and the song “Sail Away” hooked me in. So I went from downloading the band illegally, to being a buyer in 2013, when they released “Youngblood”.

And I liked it.

And I’ve liked the albums that have come after in “Pure Heavy”, released in 2014 and “Blackout” released in 2018 especially the songs, “This Is War” and “Audrevolution”.

And the lyrics in the “This Is War” chorus are perfect, “I’m fuel to the fire, Flame rising higher, This is war, We’ll never be silent or divided, This is war.”

And of course, “Audrevolution” has the lines, “Welcome to the Audrevolution, 666 our own constitution.”

I digress.

Back to “Youngblood”.

Every time I see the title “Youngblood”, two things come to mind. The Rob Lowe ice hockey movie and the song from Whitesnake from the “Saints and Sinners” album.

But “Redemption Blues” kicks the album off.

The harmony intro hooks me in right away and I love the 12/8 feel in the verses which reminds me of “Phantom Of The Opera” from Iron Maiden. And that riff after the solo, it’s metal all the way to the steel making factory.

And the way they sing “And I’m going nowhere” is perfect.

These bones of mine are dressed to kill

I’ve seen people in the throes of addiction and man, I couldn’t believe how wraith like they looked. You see when you are on a high, you don’t even think about eating or sleeping, unless you pass out.

I made myself what I am now and I lost myself

And there is no one to blame except yourself. The decisions you made in your past have all led to this destination. I read some research that said trauma is generational and it takes up to six generations for the trauma that their ancestors witnessed to pass. Maybe there is a scientific explanation as to why some people have a more addictive attitude than others.

“Straight Into Your Grave” is up next with its “Highway Star” merged with “Speed King” merged with “Neon Knights” kind of vibe.

Tellin’ lies as I look in their faces
I’ve got it all but I could always use some more

The people in your inner circle trust you. They will give you the benefit of the doubt and they will be there for you. You should think twice before you lie to them. It doesn’t work well and what you would end up doing is ruining a precious relationship. These people will tell you the truth and will challenge you to become a better version of yourself.

“Youngblood” at number three, keeps the knock out punches going and if the riff doesn’t grab you, then the vocal melody in the verses will and if that doesn’t do it, the chorus vocal melody will. And if none of those grab you, then this band isn’t for you.

Lyrically, “Youngblood” comes across as misfit, a rebel and an outcast, who even showed the devil how to steal.

And that lead break, especially the harmonies works so well.

“He learned to read between the lines and he carved the things he’s seen Into his skin” is a brilliant lyric line. The carving bit can be tattoos or self-harm or just picking at the skin.

“There Goes a Lady” starts off with a riff that reminds me of “Perfect Strangers” from Deep Purple and a simple connection like that hooks me in.

“Cards with the Devil” just rumbles in with a riff that is reminiscent of a David Lee Roth era Van Halen song and I love these little connections to the past.

The gravedigger got his eye on me
He carved my name with his bony hand
The footsteps in the hall
Are makin’ me feel uncomfortable
And I am runnin’ out of sand

“Pretty Little Sunshine” at track 7 has one of the most classic of drum beats to kick it off, and you get to hear how they are driven out of their minds by the pretty little sunshine. The lead break in the song reminds me of “Love Gun”.

“The Open Sea” is one of my favourite tracks. The exotic sounding riff in the verses is heavy as lead (and also reminiscent of “Stockholm Syndrome” from Muse) and the chorus is arena rock all the way.

“This Ends Here” is another classic track buried deep towards the end of the album and if you don’t have the patience to listen to a whole album you would have missed out on hearing it.

Musically, Audrey Horne is a cross between Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Kiss, AC/DC, Bad Company, Van Halen, Ozzy (solo era), Judas Priest, Whitesnake and Toto and any other influence the guys in the band have been exposed to. So many different styles from so many different bands and eras, its pure eargasm.


5 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Audrey Horne

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Amazing band! and amazing albums, you should check out Threshold off the album Le Fol, classic song and interesting film clip! and if you get a chance check out a band called Sahg, the guitarist Thomas Tofthagen played on the album Delusions of Grandeur, and maybe others, check out the album but more so give the last song a spin, Sleeper’s Gate to the Galaxy. Huge song and i think you will love it, in saying that I miss the days when the last song on an album was epic!!

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