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The Record Vault – Alter Bridge

 December 29, 2002 and Creed take to the stage in Chicago. Scott Stapp performs, rolling around on the stage floor, passing out and going missing for long periods between songs. In the aftermath of the show, a class-action lawsuit is filed against the band by fans, due to Stapp’s behaviour.

I watched their Sydney show months earlier and I thought Scott Stapp was acting weird, so it was no surprise to me that by the end of the year, the band was imploding.

I am a Creed fan because of Mark Tremonti. Every time he was interviewed in the Guitar magazines I used to buy, he came across as very knowledgeable about his instrument and his influences which involved Randy Rhoads, Slayer, Metallica and shredders from the 80’s.

When I heard that he started a new project with a release ready for 2004, I was interested, and although the songs on the debut sound like Creed songs, the biggest difference is that “more guitar solos” started creeping in and vocally, Myles Kennedy has a bigger range, however I am also a fan of Scott Stapp’s baritone, Eddie Vedder style voice.

The single “Open Your Eyes” comes out first, and I am a first week buyer of it. Plus I always enjoyed buying singles that had non-album tracks, in this case, the song “Save Me” which appeared on the “Elektra” movie soundtrack.

Then the album “One Day Remains” comes out and I am a first week buyer again. And like the single, it’s advertised as “the guys from Creed with Myles Kennedy on vocals”, but hey, if this link to the past was needed to get them an audience, then so be it. Because the next album, “Blackbird” was just advertised as Alter Bridge.

“Blackbird” the song also has one of the best interludes I’ve ever heard, with two guitar solos, one from Myles Kennedy and another shred like solo from Mark Tremonti. And the way it all builds back up into the song, is excellent.

And “III” is dark, different. “Slip To The Void” kicks it all off with a sad synth riff. “Isolation” brings the speed metal, which they more or less touched on with each previous album.

The “Fortress” album is unpredictable and even Tremonti’s use of the wah, became non-existent, his use of descending legato licks got less and chicken picking came in.

“Cry Of Achilles”, “Addicted To Pain” and “Bleed It Dry” is a triple combo knockout punch and the piece d’resistance is the title track “Fortress”, especially that “Revelation (Mother Earth” influenced section.

And all of their albums are on Spotify to stream and by doing this post I realized I need to add “The Last Hero” and their new one to my collection.


2 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Alter Bridge

  1. Great stuff!
    I like all of AB’s output! Kennedy is a very underrated Guitar player! His opening solo on Show Me A Leader is mindblowing with that EVH like picking!
    Great songs Great Players.
    I look forward to the new album. AB never disappoints!

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