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We are living with too much of the same. A lack of variety.

There is a new Star Wars flick which will borrow from other Star War flicks, a new Transformers movie or spin off which will be much of the same of what came before. A new Joker flick or a new Batman reboot. A new Terminator flick, a new Spiderman flick/reboot and another Avengers saves the day movie. And it just goes on and on and on. And if you’ve watched one movie in the franchise, it’s like you’ve seen em all.

Game Of Thrones became part of the public conversation, then all companies who produce TV shows decided they needed something similar. We got Vikings, Frontier, The Last Kingdom, Spartacus, Rome and Outlander. Amazon is now bringing a Lord of the Rings prequel, and HBO has three different GoT pilots on order.

And the reason why GoT was special was the story and the details in the story. Then when the TV show surpassed the books, the show creators got an outline and they proved incapable of filling in the detail, so they did what every writer their age does, they followed Hollywood’s lead.

The tech titans all want us to gravitate to their products. Facebook wants us to use it, Snapchat wants us to use it and Twitter wants us to use it. In the end, it is the same of what came before.

To surround us with “yes” answers and “likes”.

Algorithms on their sites and on the apps you visit, know what you like and click on and those algorithms also know what you ignore and it’s working super hard to surround you with the sameness of your views and to confirm that you’re right and to make you feel safe.

And if the algorithms notice that you have something you’re interested in, well don’t be surprised to see more of it, in your emails and feeds. This can be bad and good for you depending on your point of view and if you live in a bubble instead of reading critically

Amazon wants us to buy from it and use it for streaming, Apple wants us to buy from it and use it for streaming and Spotify wants us to use it as well.

And what we see on these services is created by AI algorithms, which again, brings back the same content for each user. Then again has anything really changed. The largest selling magazine for decades was the TV guide, which covered three channels and told people what to watch. And we paid to be told what to do.

We get a new metal or rock band who does okay and suddenly we get hundreds of other bands who sound the same. Even the sounds have similar production because what worked for one band has to work for the next. And even though the bands are different, they start to sound the same.

Don’t believe me, just google “Metallica St Anger” and see how people respond when the sound production is different to what they have been brainwashed to like.

When I started buying 70s albums in the 90s, I was blown away at how different each record sounded. Listening to the 70s period, I didn’t get a sense of sameness with each recording as I did get towards the end of the 80s and even into the 90s.

Would guitarists who had a voice like Ace Frehley, get a chance to do a solo album these days, with them singing lead vocals?

To me it feels like listeners are conditioned to believe via “The Voice”, “The Idol shows” or the “X-Factor shows” that people need to have unbelievable voices that all sound the same to make it.

Tell that to James Hetfield, Vince Neil and Ozzy Osbourne. They didn’t have the best voices on the planet, but they had a bigger career than those people on the shows. And the bands they where in, did what they wanted to do.


2 thoughts on “Sameness

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Such a good read and I could not agree more. One thing that drives me insane, and I could bang on about this topic all day, is that today’s musician or more so singer, needs to be attractive and the one time that sticks in my head was Susan Boyle. I cant stand these shows, but after a not too attractive person blew everyone away with her voice, it hit all the narrow minded morning news shows, “my god, she’s not attractive an she can sing” and the look of shock on the judges faces, disgusting!!
    On another note, the below link to an Australian classic movie, 30 years old and has not been on our TV screens for such a long time, no support for Australian movies, also disgusting.

  2. Lol I read that article about Yahoo Serious as well. Who knows if it’s the TV stations spending too much money on US shoes and movies or the rightsholders Of the movies demanding high fees to air it.
    And damn right about people not looking like a marketing dream and being able to sing.

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