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The Dirt

I grew up on a diet of Motley Crue music. And I never abandoned them, even when they changed singers and even when everyone wrote them off as has beens after “New Tattoo”.

Still to this day, Crue tunes get a listen and my kids even learned to play guitar to “Kick Start My Heart”.

I couldn’t switch off the movie, even if I wanted to and the script, the direction of Jeff Tramaine, the filming and editing was excellent, funny and at a good pace.

Maybe they missed a great opportunity here to make a series. Telling the story in ten, 60 minute episodes would have done me fine. So many things could have gotten screen time, but didn’t.

Nikki OD’d before, their manager Doc was drug trafficking during this period, and the fallout with him happened because of the Moscow Peace Festival concert.

Robin Crosby was with Nikki and had the same addictions but he got no mention, but they mentioned the Corabi period briefly like it was the worst period ever however it should have been fleshed out more. We got nothing about the Randy Castillo/Samantha Maloney “New Tattoo” period, the Tommy and Vince leaked sex tapes and punch ups, the solo albums and …

Nikki Sixx posted on Twitter that the critics hate it. And so they should, because even in their wildest dreams, these critics wouldn’t even be allowed to participate in the decadent 80s era to even report or write on anything musical. But hey, the internet and the social media platforms give people a voice. Hell I’m part of those voices via the blog.

And people don’t like to admit it, but we are out of touch with what’s happening in the zeitgeist. The young ones, those kids born at the start of the two thousands will watch it, to check out the era of their parents. And they will see how Hard Rock was all about the party, the highs and getting laid and with smartphones these days, rock and roll decadence will never return.

“She Goes Down” is one of my favorite Crue songs. Guess we cant have those kind of songs any more as they are politically incorrect. Or “Lick It Up” by Kiss.

And in the years to come, people will be talking about the movie as a cultural influence.

Nikki Sixx might have been the most fucked up and strung out of all of them, but he ended up being the smartest.

The negotiation to get his copyrights back is the smartest business move ever and it basically made the Crue comeback in the 2000’s possible.

Because when you have control of your music and it’s making money, the sky is the limit. Ask Joey Tempest and Europe, ask Def Leppard and David Coverdale, even Metallica.

But not all art holds any worth or economic value. Usually it’s zero or thereabouts, except for the ones who break through and still have their rights. Motley Crue did it and they lived to tell the dirt.


10 thoughts on “The Dirt

  1. Henrik says:

    Watched it the other day. The movie was a huge disappointment. I got the feeling their film crew could not decide whether it should be a comedy or rockumentary. So they ended up releasing something where Wayne’s World meets Bohemian Rhapsody without being funny neither sinful or heartbreaking. Album wise it is comparable to Theatre of Pain.

    • Do you reckon they focused on certain events for the reactions? Like we knew and read about that poolside meeting with Ozzy but did we need to get it in the movie out of the blue, because i couldn’t recall the movie mentioning the tour with him and my sons asked me, how lucky that Ozzy happened to be at the same hotel without realizing they are on tour together.

      • Henrik says:

        Yes, the scene with Ozzy was unnecessary but I guess Ozzy is such a household name in the USA that it must have been included.

        Heather Locklear joking about Whitesnake on MTV in 1984 was funny because back in the day they were trying to make it big the USA and Slide it in was recently Americanised. That is, no Whitesnake on MTV until 1987 when they finally/sadly made it and became Crüe look-alikes.

        Also, I think Nikki’s heroin addiction got too much weight, though I still remember how disappointed we were when Mötley Crüe / GNR tour was cancelled, thanks to Sixx overdosing. Legenday “snow on the roof”

  2. I’m thinking time restraints had more to do with a lot of stuff getting skipped on as u had mentioned.
    I thought it was pretty good. Having said that will I watch it again. Probably not but I did watch it…

    • It was like a two hour film clip.. from reading some of the comments on Twitter a lot of fans from the two thousands loved it and didn’t know a lot about their back story.
      Anyway it will be interesting to see if other biographies get made into movies and push the boundaries even further than the dirt.

      • Sleaze and controversy sells…now we just gotta wait for the Guns N Roses biopic. Man what a complete train wreck that one would be but entertaining as hell!

  3. Ken Taylor says:

    I didn’t mind it, while not being a massive fan of the music I did love the book.
    what did you think of the mix? Bass was very prominent! which I liked

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