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Henrik’s Spotify List

Here is the playlist.

Henrik is a regular reader and commenter of this blog and a week ago he shared his Top 100 Spotify list for 2018.

Well, like all things that deal with music, I had to give it a listen, especially when I saw his number one was from a band I’ve never heard of. It’s always cool to see similar musical tastes/songs in other people’s playlists and it’s even cooler to be introduced to bands I have never heard before.

So after listening to the playlist, here are my selections of Henrik’s Top 100 Spotify List.

John Carpenter Powder Ballad
From the album “Rock N Roll Machine”.

It’s the first time I’ve heard the song and the band. And its good. Don’t know how the band name would go down in the U.S, but hey from reading their Wikipedia page it looks like they like to push the political correctness debates.

For me, I’m a fan and the last minute of the song, makes me want to press repeat.

Hot For Nietzsche
From the album “Rock and Roll Machine”

I dig all the references to “The Who” and so many other bands I like.

No Surrender
Judas Priest
From the Firepower album.

This was on my list as well.

In The Heat Of The Night
Make The Move

From the Steelfactory album.

U.D.O is hit and miss for me, but these songs have riffs and grooves too good to refuse. Especially, “Make The Move” which has a riff and vocal feel, very similar to a certain Beatsie Boys song called “Fight For Your Right To Party”.

Mess You Made
Only Human

From the Only Human album.

I’m interested, clicked on follow and we will see what the band does next.

Black Smoke Rising
Safari Song

Greta Van Fleet
From the “From The Fires” album.

Their path is like Led Zep. Coming out around 1968/2018 with a folk hard rock sound and tweaking it as they move into the 1970’s/2020’s.

Walk In The Shadows
From the “Rage For Order” album.

The song that made sense on this album on the first listen. The rest of the album took some time to digest, but this one was easy.

Dance Macabre
From the “Prequelle” album.

It’s also in my 100.

Perfect Storm

From the “Perfect Storm” album.

The first time i heard this band. And I clicked save on the songs and I also follow the band.

My Allied Ocean

From the “Storm Within” album.

These appeared on my list for 2017, and “Distance” also appeared in 2018.

A new album will drop in 2019, so expect to see Evergrey in my list next year.

This Time
Sometimes The World Aint Enough

The Night Flight Orchestra
From the “Sometimes The World Aint Enough” album.

These are also on my list.

Life On Death Road
from the “Life On Death Road” album.

The riff is brilliant, and those outro leads make me press repeat.

Suite Sister Mary
From the “Operation Mindcrime” album.

I haven’t heard this in a long time.

Those voices/choirs remind me of the “Omen” movies. So powerful and it takes the song into the stratosphere.

Bark At The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne
From the “Bark At The Moon”

Here is the classic riff that Ozzy wrote with one finger on a piano while Jake E.Lee watched.

And that outro lead. I guess Ozzy’s finger moved really fast to write it and then show Jake E. Lee.

This is the bullshit of music copyright and how people with money and status can fuck up the real writers, in this case Bob Daisley and Jake E. Lee.

Quicksand Jesus
Skid Row
From the “Slave To The Grind” album.

One of the best Skid Row songs, especially when Sebastian Bach takes it to another level with his Bridge and Outro vocals. This is also on my lists of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Fuel The Fire
One More Round

From the album “Dust To Gold”.

I swear i thought i was listening to Keel singing. And to be honest, it’s the vocals that stop me from getting into it.

Fool On Fire
One Million Miles

Babylon A.D
From the album “Revelation Highway”.

“Fool On Fire” is not my favaourite as I prefered other songs over this one. But still cool to see Babylon A.D on another listeners list.

On the other hand, “One Million Miles” is up there as a sleeper classic.

The Art Of Loss
From the album “The Art Of Loss”.

Any song that starts off with sweep picking, alternate picking scalar runs and a wicked beat/riff under it, is up there in my book.

Hope Dies Last
From the album “The Art Of Loss”.

You need to be in the mood to sink your teeth into a 10 minute song. This one is also a favourite of mine, because it feels like a Fates Warning song.

And that section from about the 5.50 minute mark to the 6.10 minute mark is finger breaking stuff.

Master Of The Universe
Man Behind The Gun
Cool Runnin’


Never heard of the band before, however there sound is up there with the melodic rock i dig. I’m interested, what comes next is up to the band.

Show Dont Tell
From the album “Presto”.

No Rush made it to my list this year, but man, there was a big Rush period between 94 and 2004 for me.

I remember this song well, sitting down to learn the riffs, the feel and the groove.

And those open chord voicings from Alex Lifeson are perfect. A true master at simplicity and yet it sounds complicated.

Breathe With Me
In The Arms Of A Devil

From the album “Firesign”.

Yep, these ones are on my list as well. And those guitar solos, its guitar hero stuff. Sweep picking, string skipping, legato lines, bends, tapping, alternate picking. It’s got everything.

Break Down The Wall
Stone Fury

Ahh yes, Lenny Wolf’s German band before his U.S band, Kingdom Come conquered the world with their Led Zep influences and then when interviewers questioned them, they told everyone they have never heard of Led Zep. It’s okay to say you are influenced by others, it’s how music works.

This song is perfect melodic rock and you can more or less hear the embryo of Kingdom Come’s melodic side right here. I actually have it in a Kingdom Come playlist and it’s not out of place.

For The Love Of God
Bellevue Suite

Another new band to sink my teeth into.

Let It Go
Def Leppard
From the “High N Dry” album.

When you hear Def Leppard’s earlier songs, you get to hear the metal and rock ethos they started out with and this rock and metal spirit would sustain them.

This song rocks as hard as any song that came out during this period, but the embryo of those multi-layered vocals that took “Hysteria” to millions in sales are here.

Face It
Grand Design
From the album “Viva La Paradise”

Man, i really dig the music and the melodies, but the tone of the helium vocals is too much.

Take Hold Of The Flame
From “The Warning”

You can hear the embryo of the ‘Operation Mindcrime” album in this song.

The Warning
En Force

From “The Warning”

Two classic metal songs.

Please give that verse riff in “En Force” a real listen and try to pick out which song it’s borrowing from as it always eludes me. Is it a Thin Lizzy song?

Star Of Rio
The Night Flight Orchestra
From the “Amber Galactic” album.

Yep, this song is on my playlist for 2018 and it was in there for 2017. It’s a classic in my book.

In And Out Of Trouble

From the “Live In London” album.

This band delivers a sound and style i like, and they are a tight band on this live album. Provided that the live album didnt fix things up back in the studio.

Masque Of The Red Death
Crimson Glory
From the “Transcendence” album

This is a blast from the past. I have this on CD, but i haven’t listened to Crimson Glory on Spotify at all.

One Night In The City – Live at Pinkpop Festival
From the album “The Last In Line” Deluxe Edition

Hearing Dio live, you get a sense of what a super tight band he had, especially Vinny Appice.

Man, the guy doesnt miss a beat at all.

King Of Errors
From the “Hymns For The Broken” album.

This song crushes.

The verse riff is simple and effective and the Queensryche “Operation Mindcrime” sounding Chorus riff is perfect.

What about that lead break?

Crazy Lixx
From the album “Ruff Justice”

This one is also saved on my playlists as it reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Marathon – Live In Birmingham England/1988
From the “A Show Of Hands” album.

Hearing Rush in a live setting, you get a feel for how good they really are and how tight they are as a live band. Especially for a three piece.

A perfect example of paying your dues and honing your chops for years before you make it.

Eyes You Dare Not Meet In Dreams
From the album “Long Night’s Journey Into Day”.

Yep, this one is also in my list.

Red Dragon Cartel
From the album “Patina”.

Jake E Lee lays down a mean blues boogie shuffle in typical Jake fashion, but the vocal line melodies do not connect at all with me.

Bodom Beach Terror
Triple Corpse Hammerblow

Children Of Bodom
From the album “Hate Crew Deathroll”

Musically this band is brilliant and Alexi Laiho (i am spelling from memory here, so maybe there is a mistake) is one unbelievable guitarist. When you hear his style, it’s so heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads, which is perfect to my ears. Vocally it’s not my thing, but musically i really enjoy it.

Check out the solo in “Triple Corpse Hammerblow” and it’s “Over The Mountain” influence.

I even wanted to cover their songs in bands i was in and have the vocal melodies sung instead of growled.

Lock And Key
From the album “Hold Your Fire”.

Man i havent heard this song for a long time. I feel a Rush binge coming up for the Xmas holidays.

Vandenberg’s MoonKings
From the MK-II album.

Adrian Vandenberg sure knows how to write a good four minute song. This came across my playlists as well, but with so many releases coming through, it sort of got dropped off.

Reign Of Fire
Armored Saint
From the “Symbol Of Salvation” album.

This song is also on my lists. That opening riff is enough to break your desk and start swinging air punches.

Nobody’s Hero
From the album “Counterparts”

Again, it’s been a long time since we’ve shared a listening experience, so welcome back “Counterparts”.

Life In Still Water
Fates Warning
From the album “Parallels”.

It’s also been a long time since i’ve listened to the “Parallels” album, so it was cool to see this song on a playlist.

Thanks for the playlist Henrik and others should also check it out.


21 thoughts on “Henrik’s Spotify List

  1. Henrik says:

    Hey, thanks for posting my list. Appreciated!

    Some remarks and comments:

    Turbonegro. Their latest is brilliant but the band has its roots in politically incorrect punkish stuff, i.e. I’m not too much into it. Love their attitude, though. Note that they enjoy cult following especially in Scandinavia and Germany.

    Vega. Sadly underrated and deserves attention by anyone interested in Def Leppard or 1980s AOR. Top notch songwriting.

    Queensrÿche – Rage For Order. Indeed, it took some time to digest and appreciate. When I first saw the cover and hear the album my gut feeling was like “Damn, this is some pretentious shit and nothing like The Warning or EP.” Especially the best and weirdest tracks (in hindsight): The Whisper, London, Screaming in Digital, Neue Regel. Like you said, the opening track was easy. Could have been on The Warning.

    Volster. I remember listening to the album in last spring but no idea how and why it ended up on my list. Being a casual reviewer on Finnish metal site this band/album landed on my desk/Spotify and I somewhat liked their old skool vibe, though have not listened ‘em lately.

    Queensrÿche – Operation Mindcrime. Celebrated 30th anniversary in May 2018. Created an article/review of this timeless masterpiece, which is the reason it climbed so high on my Spotify list. It is the second time I gave 10/10 and one of the undisputed desert island albums. No fillers. First one to rate 10/10? Appetite for Destruction. Master of Puppets would be another 10/10. My 5 cents (Chrome translates it quite okayish.)

    Palace – Master Of The Universe (album). Yes, it’s surprisingly good attempt by dedicated and talented Swede, Michael Palace. I’m afraid it was one time effort and project from Frontiers, though Palace was supposed to be a band. [15 seconds later…] I was wrong. New album just released. NP: Binary Music

    Stone Fury… Must be thanks to your excellent and witty posts – or maybe I found it via Deke’s blog? Kingdom Come is very good but never heard about Stone Fury until lately.

    Bellevue Suite – For The Love Of God. Nooo, do not bookmark them. The band is on my list solely due to one of the best movies in many years: Hell or High Water. it’s flawless, a real piece of art unlike Bellevue Suite. Second-rate Linkin Park.
    This scene:

    Grand Design. Hehe, in a review I described the singer sounds like Vince Neil who has downed too much helium and steroids. But I love their attitude, sheer arrogance and poor man’s Def Leppard approach.

    Queensrÿche – En Force. I hear Iron Maiden but then again I do not know shit about how to play guitar or any other instrument for that matter. And if there is Iron Maiden then three must be some ingredients of Thin Lizzy, naturally.

    Dio – One Night In The City is on my list mainly because Vivian’s sick guitar tone. Not forgetting hard hitting V. Appice. Sacred Heart tour was my first metal gig and boy, did they deliver! Too bad Vivian was replaced with Coldy just a few days before they hit Helsinki in 1986.

    Red Dragon Cartel… erm… I gave ‘me a try but there is something that does not resonate. Jake E Lee is one of the greatest but I just not get this. BTW, have you listened to Beggars & Thieves? (Jake plays on this track irom their latest album )

    Bands too good and/or classic to be streamed, i.e. the ones who deserve CD quality:
    – Pink Floyd, Gilmour era
    – Roger Water, latest
    – Black Sabbath
    – Van Halen, everything except III
    – Fates Warning 2 latest albums + Parallels
    – Master of Puppets (remaster)
    – Dio, first 4 albums
    – Yes
    – Various reggae artists, includings Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff, Junior Reid, Burning Spear

    • My thoughts..

      Turbonegro – I heard some of their back catalogue and it didn’t really connect. It’s too punk for me.

      Vega – I agree with you and will keep an eye on them.

      Queensryche – for me, I don’t know if the five original members really understand how influential their albums are. I constantly hear their style in Euro Metal bands. Evergrey comes to mind immediately.

      For me, the defining era goes up to “Promised Land”, for others to “Empire” and for some it goes up to “Operation Mindcrime”.

      Rage For Order – it’s one of those albums that just goes unnoticed. When I saw em live in Australia on the “Soldier” tour they played songs only from “Rage For Order”, “Empire” and the new “Soldier” album. It was advertised as such, so we knew exactly what we paid for. Anyway, the songs from the “Rage” album blew me away live and it gave it a second wind in my eyes. And the way they designed the setlist, those songs from Rage are not that different to some of the metal songs on “Empire”, like the title track, “Anybody Listening” and “Best I Can”.

      Operation Mindcrime – Mustaine called em Yuppie Metal and then Metallica takes em on tour as openers. So I’m interested to check em out, but I’m buying other albums because I know those bands better. And I like how you mentioned Jackson and Rockenfield in your review as really important members laying down a foundation for the rest to build on.

      Volster – they are raw and can only get better if they choose to do so. Hence my comments, I’m interested, it’s up to do them to decide what’s next.

      Palace – Thanks for the update on a new album.

      Stone Fury – This is a perfect example that 1983/84 wasn’t Lenny’s time to shine. Melodic rock can sound similar and their was no way to distinguish bands. Then he introduced his Plant like phrasing and suddenly he was different. And a whole new generation born in the mid 70s had never heard of Led Zep, so the moment was there to be seized.

      Red Dragon Cartel – man, I’m like you. I really want to like it as I’m a Jake fan, but it just doesn’t connect.

      And I like your list of bands too good to be streamed.

    • I did post on the debut Kingdom Come album this past year but it would been Peter that posted about Stone Fury…
      Thanks for checking my stuff out…I will add that my top 10 has one album on their that you fella’s are having a hard time liking…..hahaha….
      Fair enough!

  2. Ken Taylor says:

    Loved this so much, so much good music out there!
    wont bang on for too long about what i have discovered this year, but give Wytch Hazel II:Sojourn a run, trust me its pretty good
    and just think if Jake E Lee hooked up with this dude, he nails this song, and this song is timeless

  3. Henrik says:

    “Check out the solo in “Triple Corpse Hammerblow” and it’s “Over The Mountain” influence.”

    This is one of the reasons why I’m huge fan of this very blog. You pick interesting details and references here and there without sounding typical musician “well, he plays it in G minor instead of XYZ and his amp sounds a tad different”. Selected details also serve the purpose and context, for example, in this particular case. Listened the solo again and now even I can hear Alexi’s influences, i.e. “Over The Mountain”, which I have never before noticed. Nice.

    Other reasons? Discussed topics are not about metal only. Music industry, copyright stuff, musicianship, glimpses of everyday life, even a travel diary.

    All this written in straightforward language with a twist and distinctive tone of voice. Just like Brent Jensen or Chuck Klosterman (okay, now I set the bar really high).

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