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Creed II

I paid $106 to watch Creed II last night. 5 tickets plus popcorn, drinks and ice cream cones. And the movie studios wonder why people pirate.

Also I’ve never understood why an adult ticket is $14 and a child ticket $13.

What the fuck does that mean?

You buy three child tickets to save $3.

But the child still takes up a seat and still watches the same movie as an adult. It’s like going to a rock concert and the promoter offering child tickets. It doesn’t make sense as the experience for a child is the same as the adult. They still watch the same show/movie and still occupy a spot/seat.

If they are serious about offering decent family tickets they need a price rethink.

Maybe a family package based on your family dynamic might be more suitable. Like $55 for a family of five. $45 for a family of four and so on.

But its too difficult for Village Roadshow, the MPAA or the movie studios to think up innovative business models and price structures because it’s easier to pump money into the political parties and get laws passed.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, I dream of a day when these lobbyists and greedy corporations get their due and are totally replaced by Netflix and Amazon who by default will then be the companies charging top dollar and seen as the enemy.

Anyway movie studio rant over and back to “Creed”.

“Creed” is breathing new life into the “Rocky” series.

The story of the children of Creed fighting Drago was going to happen, but how it would be told without being too cliche was open to debate. So the writers could have told a risky original story but instead they decided to chuck in the story of “Rocky III” with the marriage and pregnancy of “Rocky II” and call it “Creed II”.

Imagine if the flick had Adonis Creed as the fighter that wanted to fight Viktor Drago as revenge for Apollo instead of making the flick about Drago wanting to fight Creed as revenge for his fathers defeat at the hands of Rocky. Too risky to paint the Eastern European as the antihero but also predictable.

Even though it borrows a lot from previous “Rocky” movies, it’s still a good flick.

My boys haven’t had a cinematic boxing experience and the sound effects of the punches in the cinema are bone shattering and it never sounds the same and it doesn’t have the same impact in our home cinema. So they loved it. Well the six year old came for the popcorn and fell asleep half way through, after the popcorn was eaten.

And “Creed II” is a movie that deals with the “mind” being ready for what it needs to do and to know why you are doing what you plan on doing.

This is similar to topics I teach as a Youth sport coach. Probably why the movie resonated with my kids, along with a cool visual experience of boxing on the big screen.

But one thing that’s missing for me is the awesome soundtrack music, especially during the training scenes and final fight scenes. That Rocky IV soundtrack is legendary and more influential in music circles than the movie is.

Regardless “Creed II” is a new adventure and it’s risk free, enjoyable movie making.


2 thoughts on “Creed II

  1. Man, I can’t imagine taking a whole family to a show! Cha-ching! I just got into the Rocky movies earlier this year. ( I know, late to the party) The wife and I watched them all over the span of two weekends and finished with Creed, which is one of the better ones. Really looking forward to seeing this!

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