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I finally started reading “No Sleep Til Sudbury” by Brent Jensen. There’s no time like a holiday to catch up on reading. This book came into my radar because of a review and recommendation by Deke over at the Thunder Bay Blog.

If you want to read his review of the book, click here. If you want to read his 10 questions with author Brent Jensen, click here.

I’m half way through it.

If I was a sociologist, I would probably conclude that most hard rock fans probably came from a similar style of childhood/upbringing.

I grew up in a steel city and the plan was the same for all. Finish high school and get an apprenticeship at the local steel mill and eventually you’ll make tradesman and work until retirement with a nice little nest egg and a Government funded pension.

And maybe that worked out okay between the 50s to the mid 70s, but as Dylan said, the times started changing. The steel mill that used to employ 25,000 back in the mid 70s now employs 700. While my Dad worked his whole life there, I haven’t worked not one. I was a misfit falling in and out of jobs. Then again since 2003, I’ve been in the same IT job which I like. Funny how stabilization starts with marriage and debt.

And we fall in and out of love with our heroes/favorite bands as we get older. We are still tuned in to what is happening with the band but in a different way. We still might buy all their albums even if we don’t listen to them, because we are still fans. It makes sense in our minds.

And anyone who grew up in 80s has watched MTV or another music television show to record music film clips and if we didn’t have some clips, we found someone who did and we dubbed these music interviews and music clips between two videos, which normally took place over a weekend. Chuck in some mainstream and dirty movies to that dubbing marathon and suddenly you had a party weekend.


10 thoughts on “Upbringings

  1. Henrik says:

    One of the best books on this genre and culture. Highly recommended to anyone a) interested in musing generally and b) to metal fans in particular but c) also all of us who grew up in 80s.

    I have read tons of hard rock related books from academic research to band memoirs, and “No Sleep Til Sudbury” is among top 3. Actually, I have read and enjoyed all three books by B. Jensen, which are available on Kindle.

    Deke, if you happen to read this please send my sincerest regards to Brent. Hopefully there are more books to come. Great stuff. I have spread the word on Finnish metal forums.

    I’m a sociologist and used to be a researcher at the university until moving to telecoms sector in late 1990. Anyway, most hard rock fans indeed seem to came from a similar style of childhood/upbringing, but not all. For example, my parents are doctors, my late best friend’s (RIP) father is a lawyer but the rest of our gang came from blue-collar families.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m in agreement that it’s one of the best books. And the beauty Of hard rock is that it embraces all. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Thanks for the kindle tip. I purchased the other two books on the Kindle.

      • Henrik says:

        The other two are not as insightful and hear-warming as ‘No Sleep…’ but they are great read on their own right. Especially, ‘All My Favourite People Are Broken’ works like meticulously curated playlist. And his style and tone of voice is is always entertaining.

  2. Henrik says:

    Ah, music videos & clips. My mate had MTV and Canadian and/or British cable company (Super Channel?) and we composed mix tapes from timed recordings which usually took place in the wee hours. I believe these TV shows included Pepsi Power Hour and Headbangers Ball, probably a third one as well.

    Yet the best video was broadcasted by Finnish national TV. I’m talking about Dortmund heavy metal festival ’83. It was unreal. They are airing this for free? Lineup* was really good apart from MSG and Krokus. Still recall how Quiet Riot blew our minds. Such energy and raw power. Rumor has it that Swedish national TV aired the full show. We got only 3-5 tracks per artist. Fair enough.

    *Lineup = Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Judas Pries, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Krokus, The Michael Schenker Group

    • Great line up. In Aussie we didn’t get any broadcasts like that. I remember paying $50 for a bootleg video of concerts the seller spliced together that he got from a friend overseas. Video was excellent but the audio was hit and miss.

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