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Full disclosure, I’m a Star Wars fan and I devoured the Expanded Universe content that Disney threw away when they purchased Star Wars.

So, I finally got around to watching “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. I heard the stories of the troubled shoot, the director change and further reshoots.

Eventually the movie is completed and Disney tells every news media it’s expecting a loss on it before it even comes out. Not a good start.

Anyway the movie comes out, in a post “Last Jedi” world, and its basically a heist movie with double crosses, criminal gangs and action scenes. A “Fast And Furious” styled flick set in a galaxy far far away. The concept is good.

But I’m asking myself what is the point of the movie?

I have a similar feeling about the Boba Fett movie in the works.

What is the point of the movie?

If anything the Expanded Universe books which existed before Disney purchased Star Wars told the story better. But those books are not canon.

At least in the Marvel world when the Origin stories come out of certain characters, it feeds the larger Avengers story arc.

We already knew Han did the Kessel Run in record time, did we need to see someone’s version of it?

Actually Lucas and the original trilogy script writers did such a good job explaining the back story of Han that a movie showing his back story wasn’t required.

“Solo” has Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jonathan Kasdan writing. Lawrence wrote “Empire Strikes Back”, “Return Of The Jedi”, “Indiana Jones” movies and a lot more. Lawrence wrote the first “Solo” draft and then handed it over to his son, when he was given “The Force Awakens” draft to write (which also involved re-writes).

It looks like the original Directors couldn’t bring it too life and Ron Howard tried his best to bring an uninspiring script back to life.

The problem these days is movies have a lot of action scenes and hardly any good dialogue scenes. Meanwhile TV shows are winning the story script war hands down.

And do movies need to cost $300 million plus to make. In my view the higher the cost of the movie, the less story it has. And people are attached to a story.


2 thoughts on “Solo

  1. I think this film could have taken place anywhere. If it wasnt for the general Star Wars terms this could have easily been a film that takes place anywhere. It had its moments but for the most part it did nothing for the actual universe.

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