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I’ve been listening to the song, “Perfectly Imperfect” on repeat today.

It’s from a band called Kingcrow.

Who, you say?

Exactly, who.

It’s a symptom of the times we live in, where the artists we listen too are unknown and yet their music is connecting on so many levels.

Their new album “The Persistence” came out last week. I didn’t know it came out, I wasn’t a fan, until the title track came up on my Spotify Discover playlist.

And I was interested.

So I called up the album and I started to listen. After track two, I was hooked. You know on some albums, you skip songs, well I didn’t skip any. Now I’m a fan.

And then I came up to the last song, “Perfectly Imperfect”, on my drive home from work.

As soon as the piano chords started I was transfixed. I was driving, I knew what I was doing and yet I was somewhere else. The vocals started at about the 36 second mark.

Won’t let you down
In this silence
Won’t let you blame only yourself

Emotion drips off each melody note.

Then an arpeggiated guitar line comes in from about the minute mark.

Won’t let you down
In this moment
Won’t let you bear this weight alone

Then the drums come in at about the minute-thirty eight second mark with tremolo style distorted chords shimmering in the background, while another guitar line is playing a bendy lick with some digital delay. It all feels like your in nature, with the mountain right in front of you.

Yes, problems are so real
Please give us a chance
Cause let me say it clear
We feel the same way

We’ll take the fall and rise, you know
We’ll take the fall and rise

Then at 2.26 it starts this piano melody that the drummer follows with the middle of the ride cymbal. And you know it’s leading somewhere.

Actually from the start, the song just kept on building with little bits of emotion each time, so when the Chorus comes in from 2.48, it’s soaring, emotive and uplifting at the same time.

Time to go
Two perfectly imperfect
As we are
Time to take this chance

That last section from 3.30 to the end, takes the emotive feel up to 11 and when that octave guitar melody from about 3.55 kicks in, it’s cranked to 12. Add to that the super drumming and the way the fills happen at the end of each 4 bar loop is brilliant.

Who but you
Who but me
Can do it now?
Who can do so?

As soon as I parked the car in the garage, I couldn’t even remember getting there.

So I pressed repeat and listened to the song one more time, in the car. That’s the power of a song. Take the time and give it a listen.

And for Kingcrow, the embryo of the band began in 1996 in Rome, Italy. Yes, they are Italian, and yes, the Italians can create great music, however there are so many people living in bubbles who only believe the best music comes from the US or the UK.

Right now, I’m back tracking their previous releases on Spotify, in the same way I started to seek out earlier Whitesnake and John Sykes albums after the 1987 album infected me.

And if you want to read a review I totally agree with, check it out here.


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