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My five year old had to draw his family in kindy class. In the drawing he had me drawn with a black T-shirt and black shorts. You see, that’s the way my five year old has seen me for his whole life. It’s my look. 

When they say “Take the Black” in Game of Thrones, a metal/rock head says, “pffft, we’ve already done that”. All though I’ve morphed to plain black tees as I get older, I still break out the metal and rock t-shirts now and then.

And as I was looking at my five year old’s drawing, I came across a Twitter post from Dee Snider about the “sickening trend” of non-metal fans wearing vintage metal T-shirts without embracing the music. And I smiled. Even though the world is going all nuclear, warmer and what not, we need to discuss metal T shirt wearing by non-metal heads.


Because wearing a metal t-shirt once upon a time showed you to be a member of the tribe. A lot of fights happened against the very people who try to look like us today.

And then “SixxSense” picked up Dee’s comments and then “Spin” and then “Time” and suddenly his post to his Twitter followers is getting bigger and bigger. 

And Dee said he doesn’t like how these people cherry pick what they want from the metal culture. In most cases it’s the T-shirts or the devil horns and very rarely the actual music itself. So what do the Spin and Time posts do, they cherry pick what they want from Dee’s tweets for click bait advertising. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Blabbermouth, Ultimate Guitar or Loudwire do the same. 

Heavy metal is a lifestyle, we live it, we listen to it and we breathe it. Sure we don’t always wear metal t-shirts, but when we wear them there is a story to be told about the t-shirt, the tour, the album and what not. It’s not a fashion statement.

When I first got together with my wife to be, she had dance music playing in the car. I asked her if she had anything else. The answer was no. I asked her if she would be okay if I introduced some additional music. She said okay. The next day, I had the rock and metal tapes ready for indoctrination. At first it was the more commercial sounding rock and metal. The day after that the dance tapes ended up in a draw in my room. It was many years later that she asked what happened to those tapes. I said I threw em. And that was that. 



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