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Jungle Giants

In an era that’s so far removed from the monoculture I grew up in, there are artists popping up everywhere. 

The Jungle Giants is a band I’ve never heard off but they are an unsigned band that’s racked up 36 million streams on Spotify. Those stats are impressive and way more than band stats on label deals. 

It goes to show if you are invested and operating in the modern world, well the skies are the limits. Ask any artist on a label deal to tell you what percentage of profits they’re making and they won’t be able to tell you. Ask any independent artists and they know. 

The band is confident for the future of digital music and they know economies of scale. The bigger Spotify gets, the bigger the pool of money grows to start paying artists. As long as the record labels and publishers don’t kill it off with high licensing fees. Because it’s artists like these the labels hate. 

“It’s not a perfect world for them (majors) any more… People can do it on their own.”Sam Hales – Jungle Giants Frontman

The labels don’t want artists to do it on their own. The labels don’t want artists controlling their own catalogues. The labels want to control it all. It’s because of this past control, the labels hold the power seat in negotiations. And they can put up roadblocks. If they take over the streaming companies, then bands like Jungle Giants will need to play by the record label rules.

“Every now and then we get something like eight grand, we get cash, and all our streaming revenue goes straight back into the band.”
Sam Hales – Jungle Giants Frontman

It’s hard work controlling your own destiny. With so much freedom, you are free to decide what path to take. 

And for those that think Jungle Giants just wrote one song and racked up millions of streams. Think again. Album number 3 just came out. They have skin in the game and momentum. 


4 thoughts on “Jungle Giants

  1. 36 million streams which results in 8 Grand!?
    Better than nothing i suppose but good on these guys doing it on there own without the suits!
    Will check em out on youtube…

    • Right!? Thats like .00022 pay per stream. Good on them but its not a realistic time/investment for most artists. The biggest battle I have with putting so much creative effort into all the social media, outreach, etc., doing it all myself…is that it takes away from the creative process of the actual music. Maybe these bands are paving the way..sadly like DOH suggests the bigger fish will swarm in and take over anyway….

  2. Streaming services pay every quarter so I would read it like they got $8k payments in a quarter for so many million streams and not necessarily the 36 million streams. These high streams got them radio play which pays a higher royalty.
    Plus they are on the road and touring and they know they have a fan base and they know in what cities as well based on Spotify Artist services.

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