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That’s What The Success Made Me

Do you reckon Jon Bon Jovi’s debut as a wedding singer recently would ever be forgotten?

Maybe in a pre-Internet world, but not in the current copy society we live in. Hell, the viral wedding singer clip could be the biggest news item from the Bon Jovi brand in 2016, if no new album was expected to drop this year.

On the one hand, I feel sorry for him. He wasn’t there to sing. He was there to celebrate a wedding and the amateur wedding band singer crossed a line. If you tried to script the awkwardness, you couldn’t.

But on the other hand, these types of privacy invasions come with the territory of being famous. And we all want some fame and recognition. The motive of the amateur wedding band singer is to be famous and well-known. Who better to use as your muse than Jon Bon Jovi.

For Bon Jovi (the band), the last album “What About Now” came out in March 8, 2013 and the biggest news item around that album was the departure of Richie Sambora. Gone are the days of “You Give Love A Bad Name” exploding out of car radios in the 80’s and in, are the days of the story, the controversy, especially when the recording business is saturated with new music and we, the listeners cannot decide what to give our listening time too.

It’s the story that gets traction. Why do you think Game of Thrones is the biggest thing on Earth?

The mainstream press hailed “What About Now” and it’s Number 1 debut. Of course they would as they got paid a lot by the record label promotions team. But six weeks later, the album didn’t exist on the charts anymore. The speed at which listeners move on to other things is astonishing. But, the super fans lap everything up, but a lot of listeners would check something out for nostalgic reasons.

Hell, when “Burning Bridges” came out, the biggest story around the release was the goodbye message to the record label. Then there was the other story about how Richie Sambora is being written out of Bon Jovi’s songwriting history.

So what should we expect from Bon Jovi in 2016, without Richie Sambora?

I hope it’s not another One Direction themed album like “What About Now”. The album did have some moments like “That’s What The Water Made Me”, but overall, the songs should have been given to younger artists to record and release. It’s out of touch for the “older” Jovi fan base to sink their teeth into and it just wasn’t good enough to convert younger fans to the band. However, the earlier 80’s and 90’s material is still doing a good job at converting new fans.

In the promotion interviews for the new album, JBJ has stated that he has nothing left to prove, but he has a lot to say. From the new tracks released so far, “Born Again Tomorrow” is the best by far but heavily clichéd in self-help/philosophical quotes. “Labour Of Love” is garbage, “This House Is Not For Sale” has potential and “Knockout” is a good song that should have been given to a younger artist to record.  

 If you were born again tomorrow,
Would you live your life like yesterday?
If you were born again tomorrow,
I wouldn’t live my life any other way!

If a person who has no attachments, no children and on the edges of depression was asked the question the chorus asks, you would get a different answer to Bon Jovi’s answer. For me, a father of three, I wouldn’t change a thing. The butterfly effect would come into play and I wouldn’t have the children I have.

You learn from your mistakes
Bones grow stronger where they break

We do learn from our mistakes and trust me when I say it; the bones don’t grow stronger where they break. There is a painful scar in the corners of the mind that always replays when you feel like crap and as you get older the breaks start to hurt as early arthritis sets in.

Every day I wake up with my back against the wall
Anytime you get up someone wants to see you fall
If you’re afraid to lose it all, you’re never gonna win

In “Knockout”, JBJ gets personal but keeps it generalised. Dylan once sang, “He is who not busy living is busy dying” and some of the best advice I got was when you feel like your life is comfortable and your cruising at 80km/per hour, it’s time to do something outside your comfort zone and hit the gas.

Did you really live your life
Or did it pass you by?

In my Eastern Europe travels, a lot of citizens felt like they didn’t really live their lives to the fullest and that opportunities passed them by. When you see the lines on their faces, the backs hunched from overwork, fingers deformed or missing from work accidents, you understand that it wasn’t easy for them. But it is not easy in the U.S or Australia. We all work long hours and most of us have two jobs, rushing from place A to place B for our families and when we get some free time we try to go on holiday. Provided the stress doesn’t lead to arguments and arguments don’t lead to a breakdown in communication.

But for Jovi, it looks like his career lays in politics. From Christie to the Clintons, to playing private gigs for politicians and corporations, he’s all over it. He’s been a politician since 2004. And with his popularity, you would expect him to be voted in seamlessly. But man, he has said some dumb things in the past that I don’t agree with, like Steve Jobs killing the music business. Then again, so do all politicians. It’s all water under the bridge for them.


2 thoughts on “That’s What The Success Made Me

  1. If u surf my site i reviewed the Jersey Tour and I still regard it as a great show! But man him and Sambora have just tanked what was once a brilliant band….
    I have a hard time with anything after Keep The Faith…..
    That wedding video was brutal I mean leave the dude alone…but whats he to do when everyone can film everything?
    Keep the Faith Jon! Haha…great post!

    • Saw Em on KTFaith tour and it was a solid show. Saw em again almost 20 years later without Sambora and it was still a solid show but different. It’s hard to explain.
      I’ll surf the site for your Jersey review.

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