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Five Finger Death Punch vs Prospect Park

Five Finger Death Punch changed management a few years back from Jeff Kwatinetz/Prospect Park to Allen Kovac/Eleven Seven. In the music business, Kovac has an envious reputation amongst other managers for getting the best financial outcome for his clients.

I think it is safe to assume that Kovac has gone through all of the contracts that FFDP has with Prospect Park and found “issues” that did not benefit FFDP in any way whatsoever. So the FFDP camp questions it and they get hit with a lawsuit from the record label who once upon a time was also their management.

Don’t you love it, when the label sues the band that made it famous?

No one even knew who Prospect Park was before Five Finger Death Punch.

Prospect Park didn’t even pay for the first album. FFDP recorded their first album on their own budget.

Once it was all done and mastered, they shopped it around for release and distribution. They found “Prospect Park”, who put some money in to market it and after it was released, it sold a massive 3,800 copies in its first week.

The album was basically dead after week one. Fantastic work by the record label and Jeff Twatnets to promote it.

However, the guys in FFDP had contacts and suddenly they are on tour with Korn and then Disturbed. I think it’s safe to say those two bands did more for the band than the label. And FFDP haven’t looked back since.

Once “The Bleeding” started to get traction on radio, the debut just started selling. People were suddenly talking about the shows and spreading the word. It wasn’t the label that did it. It was the band themselves, putting in the hard work, on a small stage, night after night. Then it was word of mouth by the fans. The band became popular and so did the label.

Kevin Churko said it best;

“Nobody in the music industry has any job without the artist.”

FFDP has made Wankerwiener from Prospect Park a rich man and like all people who come into money, they don’t want to lose it. They will fight tooth and nail to keep it. They will lie, cheat, sue and steal to keep it.

In fact if you look at the businesses that Jeff Wankerwiener/Twatdance/Kwatinetz has been involved in, you will see a sinister pattern. He was the founder of management company “The Firm” in 1997. This is the company that signed FFDP in 2007. in 2008, “The Firm” ceased operating due to high levels of debt. Several months after “The Firm” was closed, Kwatinetz founded Prospect Park and by 2014, Prospect Park had declared bankruptcy.

What a world we live in where a person who cannot manage his companies can contractually stifle creativity of an artist.

And Churko shares no love for the record label.

“Having worked with many record companies, I found it frustrating that Prospect Park repeatedly did not pay me on time. I feel if it wasn’t for the direct efforts of the band members themselves, their management and their business manager, I may still remain unpaid. They were champions for me from the beginning and I’ll be a champion for them to the end.”

Record labels are notorious for mistreating artists and producers. Late on payments or not paying at all. Creative on royalty statements and not paying at all. Remember when 30 Second To Mars was being sued by their label for $30 million just because they questioned why they had so much debt after “A Beautiful Lie” sold 3 million plus copies of the album.


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