A Week With Kidney Stones And Saxon’s “Destiny”

Last Thursday I was in wicked pain. For some reason every time a big weekend is coming up for my family and I, someone higher up decides to put a few roadblocks and obstacles in my way.

Life keeps kicking you down
But you come back for more
You take all the knocks
Pick yourself up off the floor

And now there is pain everywhere. Kidney Stone pain. They reckon that trying to pass a stone is like childbirth. At least at the end of childbirth there is a beautiful child that enters your world. At the end of passing a stone, a very swollen and sore private part remains.

And the drugs these days for pain relief are a godsend. For the severe pain, the Dr prescribed a suppository. So apart from ripping my dick to shreds trying to pass a stone, I’m violating myself in the name of pain relief. Go figure.

So it’s five days later and I still haven’t passed the second stone. And I’ve read so many stories on the net and every one I have spoken to have a horror story of someone they know or have experienced themselves to share.

Believe in yourself, stand tall

When I got a CT scan done last Thursday (a few hours after I passed my first stone), the Dr told me that I have another stone in between my kidney and bladder that is 3mm in size.

The only time they surgically intervene is when the stone is 6mm or more. I have another CT scan tomorrow to see if it has moved along.

So in my time of soreness, Spotify is heaven-sent. Because regardless of what music I call up based on my mood, it’s there waiting for me to select.

Battered and torn
Ride out the storm

And for some reason, “We Are Strong” from Saxon came to mind. Maybe it was the review I read over at Heavy Metal Overload’s website that brought it back into my life.

Fans from the first three albums don’t hold “Destiny” in high regard, but it’s a good album. For me, “Destiny” was my first introduction to the band and it got me interested to seek out other Saxon albums.

We are strong
We will survive

Yeah, its commercial arena rock but still of quality.

“Ride Like The Wind”, “S.O.S”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Red Alert” are as heavy metal and as good as the old pre-Emi Saxon songs. Their power cannot be denied. “We Are Strong” and “I Can’t Wait Anymore” are the “hits” that missed back in 1988. These last two songs and their AOR melodic rock feel are the ones that caused a lot of backlash from the fans of the original trilogy of albums vs fans of the EMI era.

As I type, my right side is throbbing and contracting. I’m sweating because of it, but it’s cold outside. I’m trying to distract myself from it by doing something I like.  And right now, Saxon’s “Destiny” is doing a perfect job for me.

If you want a definitive excellent review of the album from a true Saxon’ite’, then head over to Heavy Metal Overload’s site. It will be worth your while.

And I’m just going to kick back with my headphones and allow Saxon’s “Destiny” to soothe me.


4 thoughts on “A Week With Kidney Stones And Saxon’s “Destiny”

  1. Jim OKeefe says:

    Oh man, hang in there. That is miserable, but I like your therapeutic regimen. Here’s hoping that stone hits the road soon.

    I thought a lyric from Manowar was appropriate:

    From Down Below Fire Melted The Stone
    The Ground Shook And Started To Pound

    The Gods Made Heavy Metal And They Saw That It Was Good

    Hope that stone melts for you or at least gets out of your system soon. As they say, this too shall pass…unfortunately literal in this situation. Good Luck!

  2. Oh jeez, that sounds like an absolute nightmare! Hang in there… hope it’s over soon.

    Thanks very much for the link and kind words. It’s definitely a good album. I only got round to it in recent years actually… I wonder what I’d feel about it if I’d heard it when I was younger. But I definitely enjoy it in small doses! Don’t think Saxon ever put out a truly bad album. Get well soon!

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