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Life in December

I am physically rooted.

December is a hard month on the body.

It all started on December 4. That was my nieces birthday. Plenty of food and drink. Drink for me equals alcoholic drink.

Then on December 10 it was my other nieces birthday. Again plenty of food and drink.

On December 12, it was my work Christmas Lunch that ended up going into the night. That was one more drink than food.

Then on the 17th it was my IT team lunch. This was in-house so plenty of food and soft drink.

Then I had my sixteen year anniversary on December 20. Again plenty of food and drink.

For the first few years of my marriage, my wife and I exchanged gifts. Sometimes we agreed to not worry about it. Other years I got her gifts or flowers and got nothing in return. Which is okay for me, if I don’t get nothing back. This year, we agreed that no gifts is to be on n the menu. So the day comes, we wake up and wish each other happy anniversary.

However, my wife is acting strange. I ask what is going on and she keeps on telling me that she is just tired. We got out to dinner later that night with the kids. We came home and my wife goes to bed while I stay up with the kids. The next day at her sister’s house she drops the bomb. She is upset because I didn’t get her flowers.

Then on December 25, we had Christmas lunch at our place. Again more food and drink.

And today, December 28, we had my youngest son three-year birthday party. Again more food and drink and New Years is still to come.

My body is rooted.

And one last thing,  all the best to everyone for the New Year.


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