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Failure To Notice My Wife’s Hairstyle

My wife is upset. Upset because I didn’t notice that she was at the hairdressers today. Upset because I didn’t comment on the way her hair looked. Upset because I didn’t comment on her hair colour. Just upset.

What can I say in my defense?

Well, I have no excuses, but here is the story of what transpired.

When I came home from work, I saw that my wife was laying on the couch with the little dude. At that quick glance I didn’t notice nor could I see that she had done anything to her hair although I did know that she was at the hairdressers because she told me earlier on in the day.

From the corner of my eye, I saw that the kids got their school reports for the year, so I turned my attention to the reports. As I was reading the reports, the kids came up to ask me if I was happy with the reports. I was happy and I briefly spoke to the kids about their reports telling them how happy I was with their efforts this year.

The whole time I was oblivious to my wife’s hairstyle.

She came up to me, I hugged her, she flicked her head around like those Pantene hair commercials and I STILL DIDN’T notice.

As I am recalling the events right now as I type this post I can see the many many (just think of the fictional Commandant Eric Lassard from the Police Academy movies saying the “many, many” line) missed opportunities I had to notice the new hairstyle.

What can I say it was a comedy of errors. Did I also tell you that it is our 16 year anniversary in nine days? Yep, 16 years married and three beautiful boys is the result.

My wife’s viewpoint is that if she was my girlfriend I would have noticed her new hairstyle and bought her flowers.

Maybe she is right. Maybe we get comfortable with our long-term partners that we fail to notice them anymore. I could have easily turned it into an argument however I didn’t. It was my bad that I failed to notice.

There are times when life is just too noisy and unfortunately today was just one of those times.

But the beauty of life is to always have a laugh about things afterwards and look at the good things that we have.


One thought on “Failure To Notice My Wife’s Hairstyle

  1. She is right however, life is busy and as a man, our minds wander. You noticed her and your son on the couch AND also took an interest in your sons’ reports. You are just busy. On the flip side, you should tell her she looks good all the time. See? When you get to 18 years of marriage, you’ll just naturally fall into this pattern! Great post! That’s for being human and shaing your failure of observation!

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