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Doctor Doctor – Surely You Can’t Be Serious

I hate it when my kids get sick. My little guy is all congested. A blocked nose leads to an irritated throat, which then leads to an irritating cough. All of those symptoms then leads to a temperature and the dreaded visit to a Doctor.

So after work; my wife called the Doctors office. You see, we are in the process of switching Doctors as our current GP is past 80 and only works between 8.30am to 12pm. Obviously these hours do not suit us anymore. So we are trying to find a new GP and we believed that we found one, however she works in a very busy medical centre with lots of other doctors and she works by appointment.

Anyway, my wife called the office of that medical centre and asked to make an appointment to see the Doctor that we prefer. The receptionist tells my wife that our preferred Doctor is booked out until next week.

So my wife asks the receptionist, what are parents like us meant to do when our child is sick and we need to see the doctor ASAP?

The receptionist states that there are other doctors at the centre that could see us in the afternoon for the next day. Seriously, we have to wait another 24 hours before we get a chance to see a Doctor. Regardless of how we feel about it, we take the appointment for 4.45pm the next day, to see a Doctor that we do not prefer.

My little guy is a little pain in the ass when it comes to Doctors. He hates the doctor, hates the check up, hates taking Panadol, hates taking his antibiotics and he hates wet rags. Basically anything that could make him better or assist him, he kicks and screams his way through. It’s a dead set painful process for all involved.

So the next day rolls around and the same medical centre calls my wife and tells her that the Doctor we do not prefer, however we are meant to see has called in sick. To top it all off, they are not sure if they can fit us in anymore. They will have a look and get back to us.

I am thinking, this can’t be happening. Not in Australia. Surely we are better than that. However, when money trumps medical care, anything can happen. Just recently, the newspapers reported doctors who bulk billed the government for seeing more than 80 patients in a day. Seriously, 80 patients in a day. And a day for those doctors involves 3 hours from 9am to 12pm and another 3 hours from 3pm to 6pm. So in 6 hours, they saw 80 patients. Yeah right. What a dead set rort?

Anyway, we start calling other places and we get a slot to see a Doctor at 7.30pm at another medical centre just up the road. We call back the original medical centre to tell them to not bother looking for a replacement doctor for our 4.45pm appointment and they start giving us a hard time. Are they serious?

And then I started thinking of the movie Flying High.

Ted Striker: Surely you can’t be serious.
Rumack: I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.

And I had a laugh.


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