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Did The Transformers Saga Need A Superbowl Slot?

So the new Transformers 4 – Age Of Extinction preview is out. It’s only 30 seconds long. So how can a 30 second preview of a movie that will be at least 2 hours plus long grab a person’s attention. Especially when 111.5 million viewers are tuned in during the Superbowl.

Did the Transformers saga need a Superbowl slot? It’s fan base is already entrenched. I understand the marketing strategy. The more eyes that see the commercial will lead to greater box office returns. The movie’s success is all based on piracy.

Look at TF1. Great box office returns and one of the most pirated movies. TF2, higher box office returns and piracy was reduced. TF3 broke the $1 billion barrier and piracy was rarely mentioned. It didn’t even come up on any piracy lists.

So what about the preview. I will start with one sentence first. Optimus Prime is riding a DINOBOT (with a sword in hand), the same way a Rodeo rides a wild bull. Seriously.

Now I am a fan of the Generation 1 series. So in the original Transformers cartoon, the Dinobots were built on Earth by the Autobots thanks to Wheeljack and Ratchet based on dinosaur bones discovered by Ironhide. So from that we got Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge, otherwise known as the Dinobots.

Initially they were incapable of any cognitive reasoning and based on the TF4 preview, it looks like that is the level they are bringing the Dinobots in at. Otherwise why would Optimus be riding a dragon looking thing (that I am assuming is Grimlock) with a Sword no less. Expect Optimus to break in Grimlock.

The storyline on IMBD states that a mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons and a paranoid government official on them. Now I need to think about how I explain this reboot that is not a reboot to the kids. And that is the market for this movie based on the preview.

But to delve further into the teaser, who exactly is the bad guy here? Does Cybertron still exist? Because where are all these other transformers coming from. Anyway you know it is a Michael Bay flick. Autobots on a parachute, shooting off two guns, things exploding, cars getting diced in half and Mark Wahlberg talking. When I heard Mark Wahlberg talk I just thought of the “Pain and Gain” movie.

Anyway, the preview didn’t entice me. When I showed it to my boys, they loved it. And that is the market. The preview is spread because we the fans spread it. Not some costly Superbowl slot.


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