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The People Decide

Since 1999, I have kept a diary. However it is not a diary that talks about my day. It is a lyric diary. For everyday since 1999, I have written down lyrics for a daily song.

This is what I wrote on Tuesday, March 30, 2010. I guess nothing has really changed.

The rock star was once
The king of the concrete jungle
They had the freedom
To write their own rules
These days it’s the Forbes Rich List
That imitate the rock style
They have the freedom
To do as they please

What would we do?
If fame didn’t touch us
Would we stick around
And pay our dues
Not everyone who hangs in
Gets to make it
It’s the people who decide
Who will win and who will lose

The people decide
Who is the best

The rock star of today
Holds their tongue and bends over
For the fear of hurting
The feelings of people who don’t matter
We have lost sight
Of the fact we are all imperfect
We have lost sight
About what life used to be


The people decide
Who is the best
It’s not the magazines
Or the PR written newspapers
The people decide
Who stands and falls
The people decide
Who will win and lose


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