Bon Jovi – What is going on with Richie Sambora, plus ticket sales

First the ticket sales.  I have posted numerous articles on the Bon Jovi pre-sales for the Australian tour, here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Again i went online via Showbiz and i can still purchase 4 platinum tickets to all the Bon Jovi shows in Australia, even the first Melbourne show, that is supposed to be sold out.

Ticketek still has tickets up for sale for the Sydney shows.  I can purchase single or double tickets in Platinum, however if i want 4 in a row, only Gold seats are available.  This is what happens when you come back time and time again with the same high prices.  Bon Jovi will sell out again, however next time they tour, it will be harder.  Just look at the Rolling Stones.  Tickets for their U.S shows are selling slow at $650 a piece, so a week before the show they are down to $85.

Speaking of the Stones, in the Mirror UK article Jon Bon Jovi mentions the following about Mick Jagger;

“I watched a DVD of him (Jagger) in my dressing room and I used it as inspiration, he is my inspiration. The Stones, that’s the bar. They still play great, sing great, they are sloppy as f*** but that is half the fun.”

Is Jon serious?  He obviously hasn’t seen this piece of disaster promotion.  It is totally laughable, and what is even funnier is that the official Rolling Stones channel put it up.

The article in the Mirror also talks about Richie Sambora.  Jon says:

“We were all in Calgary, Richie was going to turn up on show day but we went the night before because it’s a long flight.”

“At 3.30pm on show day the phone rang and it was Paul the manager and he said guess what, and he didn’t even have to finish the sentence. I said, you’re kidding. We went on that night. I haven’t seen Richie since.

“Love him, spoken to him once. I talked to him once, once in six weeks and 18 shows. He’s not fired, we didn’t have a fight, it certainly isn’t about money.

“We go back 30 years. He can return when he is ready to die every night the way I walk on the stage. It’s different without Richie. No one’s mad, no one’s sad. But fortunately because we had been through it before we performed that night. We couldn’t let down the fans.”

I believe that goes to show how far the relationship has deteriorated.  One conversation in six weeks.


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