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Stone Music Festival – Unofficial Word on Why Lifehouse pulled out?

A lot of people are asking the question for the reasons why Lifehouse pulled out? The answer is simply. MONEY.

The festival was bleeding from losses, and the organisers had to try and plug the holes. Unofficial word is that Van Halen and Billy Joel couldn’t be cancelled, as the organisers still would have had to pay them their large appearance fees. Aerosmith coming onto the bill, technically didn’t cost Stone Music Festival anything, as Aerosmith is doing their own Australian tour and that is where the money is coming for them to appear at this festival. All the other bands where offered new deals. All of them accepted the lower deals except Lifehouse.

Lifehouse was offered a new deal that was by far the worst, and they had no choice but to decline at the last minute as they exhausted all avenues of negotiations for better terms or similar to what they were offered originally.

Let’s hope that Lifehouse is more forthcoming with the reasons for their withdrawal.

The last Facebook post from Lifehouse more or less supports the unofficial word above;

We just wanted to give a shout out to our Aussie fans! Please trust that our absence had nothing to do with us or anyone on the band’s team. We love you and we will be back to Australia as soon as we can!! Xo -LH


2 thoughts on “Stone Music Festival – Unofficial Word on Why Lifehouse pulled out?

  1. Nikki says:

    I think Lifehouse did the right thing by NOT being more “forthcoming” as the article says. What was pulled on them was rather shady .. They opted to take the high rd and not talk badly about stone music festival after they had been wronged… Those in charge of the festival should have been the ones being up front and making apologies as it was their mistake and not Lifehouse’s.

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