Vito Bratta – Guitar World September 1989 – Axology

The below is a summary of a Guitar World article on Vito Bratta’s set up at the time Big Game was released.

On Big Game Vito used the following equipment;

1988 Steinberger guitar with two EMG pickups.  The neck position single coil is used for undistorted lines and bluesier Hendrix like passages.  The humbucker at the bridge, is used for the distorted lines.

The Steinberger just has a two way pick up selector switch and no tone knob.

On Pride, Bratta used Marshall amps, with a rack of Roland JC120’s and distortion pedals.

For Big Game, he used a Vintage 67 Marshall with a MP- 1 ADA Pre Amp in the main room for the distorted sounds and a MP – 1, with a McIntosh Power Amp and a Hartke cabinet in the bathroom for the clean sounds.

Basically the guitar signal was split, so whatever Vito played came out of both systems simultaneously.  Both systems where recorded onto two tracks and the final guitar track we hear on Big Game is a balance between the two.

Vito explained that the reasoning behind this mixture was that if offered sparkle and clarity to the distorted tracks, so that the guitar parts never disintegrated into mushy noise.  This is important as Vito’s style is known for playing arpeggio lines as substitutes for power chords.






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