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John Sykes – Dawning Of A Brand New Day

If the album ever gets released remains to be seen, but what we have here is a 5 minute song of heaviness and melody.

Tony Franklin shared it on Twitter and I clicked on it. Franklin also mentioned that he didn’t play on the recording but has jammed the song with Sykes.

And the riff to kick it off.


The Chorus riff and melody.


The lead break is memorable.

That outro riff.


And the track was recorded four years ago, for the solo album, “Sy-Ops”, which is way overdue but scheduled for release later this year.

The thing with Sykes is his variation.

There are metal songs with big riffs like this track, hard rock songs with big riffs, blues rock songs, sleazy rock songs and of course big guitar ballads.

And in case you are not aware, “Out Alive” and “Gates Of Hell” also got a YouTube release over the last three years.

“Out Alive” captures his Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest influences while “Gates Of Hell” continues his epic songwriting style from “Valley Of The Kings”.

2021 is already better.


6 thoughts on “John Sykes – Dawning Of A Brand New Day

  1. Denis says:

    Musically and lyrically John can do it all. John released this track at this crucial time, as he wants to awaken people. He’s strongly against the globalist New World Order agenda (eg: The 2021 Great Reset/Covid Psyop), and has the balls to speak out against it. Bob Daisley feels the same way.

    • Thanks for commenting. The track did come at the right time. I was googling some of the references in the lyrics.

      I need to see what Bob Daisley is up to as I saw Ozzy’s Twitter account post some lyrics from Crazy Train and it’s made out that Ozzy wrote em, when Daisley actually didZ

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