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For those who don’t know, Mark Tremonti is the guitarist and main songwriter for Creed, which then morphed into Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy.

But Creed and Alter Bridge live in the heavy/hard rock arena. In between downtime, Tremonti decided to hook up with some friends and pay homage to his metal influences.

If you want to hear speed metal then look no further than the “Cauterize” intro riff. The big thrash acts don’t even write riffs like this anymore.

The song then morphs into a Euro Metal tour de force with open string pedal pi

The last 35 seconds of the song feels like a jazz-fusion jam cranked through the car stereo with the window down and my hand half hanging out as I’m driving on a road full of hope and possibilities.

And the album is called “Cauterize,” but Tremonti was leaning towards “Providence” as the title of the record, until he went through all the lyrics and all the song titles, and when he looked at them “Cauterize” seemed like the most unique title.

Take the sun and cauterize
Make us pure again


10 thoughts on “Cauterize

    • No kidding eh John.
      AB as I mentioned to Pete I still have not picked up the latest and I was a first day buyer on their previous albums. Don’t know what happened there.

      • Good call John. That is why. I didn’t even buy last years live Slash album as I already have 2 others of his.
        Burned out indeed.

      • I agree with John as we get a burn out on the vocalist. The same thing happened with Michael Sweet recently for me with Stryper albums, solo albums and Sweet/Lynch albums. But I did get em all eventually and I’m glad I did.

    • Tremonti is more in the vein of the guitar playing I like. Fast when it needs to be, groovy and sludgy when it needs to be and it rocks when it needs to be.

      It’s good to get these albums in between AB albums which are hard rock with heavy elements.

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