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The Record Vault – Bon Jovi In The Eighties on CD

I started this Bon Jovi Record Vault post a while back, starting off with Cassettes, then Vinyl and now CD (with the Vinyls added for extra color).

And I’ve basically got Jovi’s 80s output on CD and LP. The first photos are from the first two albums. The 2 CD box set was $9.99 and I got the CDs a lot later than the LP.

This post isn’t a review of the albums as I have covered them in other posts.

Next up is the 20 million plus selling third album. I really thought that this album would get the 4 CDs special anniversary treatment in 2016 with the Pizza Parlour demos getting an official release. But so far it hasn’t.

Maybe Jovi is waiting for the 40 year anniversary in 2026, to capitalize on his most successful album.

The 3 Disc Deluxe Anniversary Edition of “New Jersey” is fantastic, because you get the original double album with it, the “Sons of Beaches” Demos

To wrap it up, Bon Jovi finished the 80s as one of the biggest bands in rock with concert grosses and record sales hitting record highs. Only U2 rivaled their power as a group.


3 thoughts on “The Record Vault – Bon Jovi In The Eighties on CD

  1. I liked Jersey the best as that’s the tour I caught and your right they were mega in 89. I never heard shrieking from the females at the show. Like the Beatles back in the 60s.
    I told Tbone at that show as we were watching from the crowd that we made a bad life choice in not pursuing music!
    Course you need talent haha!
    Great stuff man!

    • Wait…. are you saying some of the bands we love had talent.. cue up YouTube and lets watch some shocking live performances. I think looks and hairspray played a bigger part for a lot of the artists in the 80s. Lol..

      I also think Jovi and Sambora really studied popular songs and learnt a few key ways to write and with Desmond on board as a co-writer, they really nailed it.

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