Vito Bratta – Unsung Hero

He was called an Eddie Van Halen clone.  There is no doubt that Van Halen was an influence, however a listen to the four White Lion albums Vito was involved in is a musical journey in classical, blues, rock, metal and pop.

1988 – Guitar World gives Vito Bratta the award for Best New Guitarist.


3 thoughts on “Vito Bratta – Unsung Hero

  1. Ang B says:

    I miss Vito‘s guitar mastery so much.. No one plays with the same fluidity and feel as he did. Vito, I know you‘ve been thru hell and back with the passing of your father and your hand injury, but if there is any way you can be involved in the music industry, please do.. you have so many fans out there just clamouring for something from you.. do it solo, you don‘t need Tramp riding your coat tails, honey!

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  3. Bruce Lee says:

    Dear Vito,

    Ever since I heard the solo in ‘when the children cry’ I was totally hooked to the Guitar. I was 19 then. I still owe it all to YOU. right now I’m listening to ‘Going home tonight’ for like the 10th time maybe. Im playing it at a gig the Friday, the 6th. You have no clue the amount of appreciation the world’s got for you. Please do come back. Let our children hear a guitar played from the heart. I miss you Vito. God be with you always.

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