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It’s almost over.

And the state I live in, New South Wales, posted it’s highest ever coronavirus numbers 21,151. It’s fantastic to know that two years of stringent lockdowns in Australia led to this.

But it’s also another year working from home, which I’m really enjoying and I don’t want to go back to the office. Never ever.

So I guess I’ll end the year the same way I started it. With a glass of wine.

It’s less than six hours to midnight, so let the countdown begin.

And I press play on “The Final Countdown”.


19 thoughts on “2021

  1. Happy New Year. I would say that is a frustrating covid count as your country had been so stringent to go to this. We’ve sucked all along so no change for us, but at least we are out and about. Although not back in the office yet.

  2. Bubba says:

    Best wishes for a happy & healthy, rockin’ & rollin’ 2022, all you out there. Here in NY right now it’s 2:15 in the afternoon, so we still have a little less than 10 hrs of 2021 left. Glad I crossed paths w/ you kindred Rn’R spirits, on the other side of the planet no less…pretty cool. Take care, hope you enjoyed your vino, mine’s coming a little later…

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